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The Australian Taxation Office requires business activity statements and instalment activity statements once or multiple times a year. Providing these statements ensures that you’re fulfilling your tax obligations and correctly paying your employees. At Books To Taxes, our BAS agents in Melbourne and Hobart can help prepare and lodge your BAS and IAS documents on time. We aim to make things as easy and efficient as possible so that you never miss out on your entitlements.

Business Activity Statements

All businesses need to submit business activity statements to report and pay their tax obligations. Failure to submit these can lead to serious financial penalties. Our BAS agent services ensure that your statements are completed correctly and registered for GST. With help from our BAS agents in Melbourne and Hobart, you will not have to worry about unnecessary legal or administrative issues.

Instalment Activity Statements

Instalment activity statements are used to report and pay the wages and salaries withheld from your employees. The statement is personalised, which means that some sections are already completed to save you time and effort. We can provide additional assistance with IAS lodgement, ensuring that you have covered every base.


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